Project CARS

Popular racing simulator game with stunning sounds and stellar graphics


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  • Category Racing games
  • License Full version
  • Works under Windows 7 / Windows Vista
  • Language English
  • Program by Slightly Mad Studios

Project Cars gives you the opportunity to race some of the worlds most powerful motor vehicles in what's shaping up to be one the most realistic driving simulators to date.

Driving games have been around almost as long as the video games industry itself, with the earliest of consoles trying various ways to put the thrills of speeding around a track or down the road in your hands on the small screen. Realistic driving sims have a storied history and began way back in the NES days with Formula One's range of licensed driving sims. Since then we've seen huge franchises such as Gran Turismo for the Playstation or Forza Motorsport for the XBox take the market share, now there's something truly unique for the PC crowd.

Whilst it's not a PC exclusive, Project Cars is by far the most expansive driving sim that PC players have got their hands on yet. It offers a huge variety of cars and race tracks as well as an incredibly well implemented career mode that has keep me, for one, engrossed for hours. It also looks gorgeous on even a medium budget rig.

The usual motley crew of options and game modes are all available from single races against AI opponents to multiplayer races against your friends or strangers. You've got the option to go as realistic or as arcadey as you like with a full selection of transmission options to choose from as well as a comprehensive set of driving aids that should be familiar to anyone who's played a driving game before.

The game's career mode is long and in depth. You can choose to start from one of a number of points and you'll get a real sense of achievement if you decide to work your way up from racing 50cc GoKarts all the way up to becoming Formula One World Champion. If the long road isn't for you then you can start in touring cars or a number of other points.

The multiplayer is vast and inviting as well giving you a whole list of options when it comes to joining or hosting races. All of your achievements and losses are recorded and ranked online for a real sense of progression.


  • Great Physics
  • Great Graphics
  • Great Simulation


  • Unforgiving for Newcomers
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